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New Year Party!


New Year Party!

Happy New Year!

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0-Noushiya Minato v1 ch3

70 ch16 [Dropped]

A Fairytale for the Demon Lord s2 ch9

Amatsuki v13 ch79 [Joint with Moustache Scans]

Aruosumente v4 ch23 [Hiatus]

Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku v2 ch9

Black Joke v6 ch37

Blood and Steel v11 ch4

Brave 10 S v2 ch7

Chaos Attack ch28

Cherry Boy, That Girl ch33

City of Blood ch21 [Joint with Aisheteru Scans]

Dead Sorcerers City ch96

Dear, only you don’t know ch56

Donten ni Warau Gaiden v1 ch3

Dreamland v9 ch81

Fukushuu Kyoushitsu – Revenge Classroom v1 ch4-5

Gunka no Baltzar v5 ch26 extra

Hello Mister Teddy ch9

Hitogatana v5 ch25

In Full Bloom ch83

Kamisama Dolls v7 ch38

Like a bird ch41

Pale Horse ch48 extra

Piano no Mori v15 ch136

Pinocchio ch80a

Rainbow v12 ch120

Saiyuki Gaiden v3 ch19 [Joint with Rose Scanlations]

Shana oh Yoshitsune v9 ch33

Shards of Sin ch19

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso v9 ch33

Shinigami x Doctor v1 ch2

Special Martial Arts Extreme Hell Private High School ch44

Story of Someone We Know ch44

Stravaganza – Isai no Hime v1 ch6

TAL ch112

trash. v1 ch5

Twelve Nights s2 ch17

Usogui v10 ch103

Verdant Lord v4 ch25

Westwood Vibrato s3 ch02

Witch Hunt ch19

Zetsuen no Tempest v8 ch35

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    Happy New Year! What happened to Nobunaga no Chef?

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 to all EG STAFF!!!

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    No Feng Shen Ji =/
    But I get it, it’s a very complicated manhua and you lack of cleaners right now.
    Still, a great combo.

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    Thanks for the New Years release.

    Just want to point out one thing though in Blood and Steel chapter 058 the pages are out of order.

    It should be page: 16, 19, 20 then page 17, 18.

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