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Knights & Magic ch15


Knights & Magic ch15

Let’s Fight A Behemoth in a Silhouette Knight 4!

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  • Sinisa Culic

    LOVE YA!!! :D do you acept paypal to? would love to donate but patreon is not alowed in our country…

    • Ell

      I dont think so ;-;
      But the thought is what matters!

      Thank you <3

  • jeeno


    Btw, you sure eru kun isn’t a girl? Sheez the more I look at him the more he looks like a girl… Maybe since he used to be a guy in the past, he denies that he is actually a she?

    Or is it just A TRAP????!!! Find out next time on over powered programmer who somehow ends up in a mecha world…

  • Liya

    This one looks interesting. Been a long time I haven’t come here.
    Gonna read it from ch01.

    Good job guys!

  • Gunther

    this one drive me crazy, cannot without anymore

    thanks for the good work