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Hell’s Kitchen v13 ch50 – End


Hell’s Kitchen v13 ch50 – End

Long long time ago we released the first chapter. Today we finally release the last chapter. Thank you for everyone who have help us to get here.

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  • F234KY

    It really ends? Wow, it’s been so long. Thanks a lot guys, i appreciate it so much <3

  • findy37564

    i hope theres sequel to this

  • wow, thanks a lot! kinda sad that it got short but i’m happy

  • ncKeo

    Huh, they gave it an open end…

  • Jasmine Rebecca Pagsisihan

    Are you going to do Bの食卓?

    • Lyon

      Not likely.

  • ers

    thanks for bringing us this serie!

  • MiR

    Thank you for all the chapters these past couple of years!