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Happy Birthday jujubeeza and Kuba_Tita <3


Happy Birthday jujubeeza and Kuba_Tita

Today our awesome JP translator Kuba_Tita and KR translator jujubeeza have their birthday ^_^

We wish them both from the bottom of our hearts for all their wishes to come true :)

♥~~~~We love you~~~♥


Thanks! (53)

  • SevenSeven

    Happy Birthday to both of you! <3

  • AirDale

    Happy Birthday Bubuzeeja! Happy Birthday Tuba_Kita!

  • XL

    Happy bday and thanks for the hard work.

  • Ell

    Happy Birthday juju~!
    Happy Birthday Kiba~!

  • Rocky

    Happy birthday <3 <3 <3

  • Ncrdrg

    Happy birthday juju, Kuba!

  • Kyraptorin

    Happy Birthday to you both!

  • jujubeeza

    Thank ya’ kindly all o/

  • Kuba_Tita

    Thanks guys! <333