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Happy Birthday Gapan ~


Happy Birthday Gapan ~

So today we start by saying Happy birthday to our wonderfull translator and admin Gapan ^^
Happy Birthday Gapan-kun from all the members of our team <3 HB

Thanks! (3)

  • Sirius

    Oh that the new lol,

    happy birthday Gapan and thanks for your translation

  • Cecil



    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suo.Minona

    Happy birthday guys!!

  • yarrr

    For anyone wondering, that picture was made by someone who uses either “kagami” or “utility pole spirit” as a name.

  • shiusaku

    Wish u all happy go lucky and have time for relax^^ Happy Birthday!!

  • Drak

    Happy Birthday Gapan!
    Have fun celebrating! ;] and party safffeeee! Raah.

  • icefreak

    happy birthday Gapan,
    wish you all the best ^^

  • Ncrdrg

    Hey, happy birthday dude! ^_^

  • eSper

    Bit late but Happy birthaday!

  • Sasha

    Happy Birthday Gapan! =D

  • Gapan

    Thanks guys ;)