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Happy Birthday Ell <3


Happy Birthday Ell

Today our awesome cleaner and admin Ell has her birthday ^_^

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope all her wishes come true :)

♥~~~We love you~~~♥


Thanks! (57)

  • Theodore

    Happy birthday Ell!

  • Smile, it would be nice

    Happy b-day Ell!! ^.^

  • Felicitations, Ell!

  • XL

    Happy bday and thanks for the hard work.

  • Kusunoki-chan

    Happy Birthday Ell-neesama <3333

  • Mikaiah

    Happy birthday, Ell <3

  • SevenSeven

    Happy Birthday! <3

  • Jenny

    Happy B-day!

  • Kuroba

    Happy Birthday Ell~ c: Much love, and thank you for your hard work <3

  • iron

    Happy birthday

  • Happy Birthday Ell

  • Ell

    thank you all <3~!

  • Kyraptorin

    Happy birthday! <3 Have a great day and thanks for all the hard work.

  • Tx93

    well bit late but Happy bday ELL!!!

  • Albedo My Waifu~

    Happy Birthday~!

  • Wides

    Late, but Happy Birthday!!