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Feng Shen Ji 38


Feng Shen Ji 38

The beginning of Wu Geng’s new adventures!

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  • rum

    Thanks Gapan. Love you

  • Ego

    Yay my fav manhua currently, just ahead of GOH and Noblesse, though heroes of spring and Autumn looks like it could be a strong contender :D
    Thanks for the release!

  • rfldkmfl

    Thanks! Can’t wait for the next chapter

  • Shenfara

    oh my god, this is killing me i only wait for new chapters of this manhua i don’t enjoy reading any other except this one, now it got my soul i must wait til the end to get it back, thank you egscans, i love you.

  • baba

    oh no i finished feng chap 38. cant wait for volume 2 to see how wu geng’s getting his butt whooped during his training and the joy on finally getting powered up like a boss m/

  • Kenji

    Thanks, EGS.

    I’m looking forward to the next volume. Seems like the next arc is going to be very exciting. Training arcs always are. But since it’s this series, I’m sure things will go beyond my expectations.

  • Rozalin

    Thanks for the chapter! XD I loved the interaction between Wu Geng and his Uncle toward the end of the chapter, it was funny. :P now, onward to season 2!! XD

  • champion2210

    Thank you

  • Muchi

    Thank you.

  • champion2210

    Are you guys going to keep going straight to the next season/arc/volume?

    • ClaudiaEGS

      yes ^_^

      • champion2210

        Consider me your eternal slave then.

      • the_owl


  • Raist

    The best release nowadays! thanks

  • nckeo

    Thus end part 1 with one great god dead, another one in doubt of himself, not bad start for one eye and one arm guy.

  • causticXD

    I just realized I was a chapter behind so I had two to read! Yes!

    Is the manhua complete or is it ongoing? If it’s ongoing, how far behind are we? Thanks.

    • Isaac

      Season 1 – 38 Chapters
      Season 2 – 64 Chapters
      Season 3 – 25 Chapters and on going.
      Releases are weekly.

      • causticXD

        Thank you. Much appreciated.

  • Javier

    thx egs!!! as always a wondeful job… i do like a lot your other projects, but this one is the ONE i enjoy the most!!.
    Thx again =)

  • G-dragon

    I want part 2 now!! xD

  • koenshaku

    I like how fast the story progresses in this manhua.

  • dll32

    nxt release day wednesday or sunday ?

  • scientist

    i am looking forward how he can master this technique with just one hand can’t wait for volume 2

  • Dis

    Ah Lan became jealous oooooooo