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Dreamland v09 c085


Dreamland v09 c085

The New Shun. Looking for a fluent French Translator and Cleaner.Please apply at our forum.

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Thanks! (60)

  • Fakinha Dash

    Thanks a LOT for the new chapter!!

  • Jessiah Patrick

    Wow crazzyyy Shun looks so much stronger and thanks for the chapter!

  • Sieben

    Thank you so much to continue this great and underappreciated series. It’s my favorite.

    Also for those of you that understand german: The german version is further now than the scanlations. Maybe a few will buy it.

    • Ncrdrg

      Huh, wasn’t even aware there was a German edition. Sounds great. I got the raws up to v13 but I read as we go along scanlating it. (Series is up to v14 right now I think)

      • Sieben

        German Version has V10 now.