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Dreamland v08 c078


Dreamland  v08 c078

New chapter of Dreamy

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  • duca92

    thanks :)

  • Saitama Bro

    He can’t possibly lose … cuz he’s on fire!

  • Saitama Bro

    Nice, it’s Dreamland. Thanks guys.

  • eienwo

    Thank you! Mighty fine job. I awaited the day somebody would pick up this manga.

  • Fakinha Dash

    Thank you for the update!

  • Rick

    OMG!! Thanks so much EGS. I have been waiting for someone to pick it up and to actually be able to read an english translation. Thank you so much.

  • bob

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! twas to long since the last release

  • Cody Hills

    YES, t’is a very good day.

  • ezechiel

    good to be french for this one, volume 14 in june. only sad part is that it’s regulary more than 6 month between volumes.

    Then again it’s not the same publication speed than in japan ( a volume each 2-3 month for the weekly mangas)

    • Sieben

      That explains why I its around six months for the german volumes now, too. And I was afraid of it being cancelled.