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Divine Bells s3 c138


Divine Bells s3 c138


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  • Francisco

    Oh man, it was a great ending with not too many unsolved strings… it was a great closure. But I really would love more of that world T_T

  • Jen

    I wasn’t ready for the end, and here it is.

  • svines85

    Very awesome, thanks a lot :)

  • Random _Pet

    I’m crying. I cant believe it’s the end. I cant wait for the next project from the author

  • Benzaiten

    what an unexpectedly sad ending! a lot of ppl died and there was a lot of destruction but it seems that hong-ryung has become a magnificent king.

  • Kuro


  • Ruruen

    Ahhhhhh QAQ
    Such a beautiful end….

  • ers

    thanks so much for sharing this amazing webtoon with us! o/

  • help me

    Help.. i can’t download from irc
    The nickname “EasyBot” does not exist.
    i’m using chatzilla