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Crepuscule 99


Crepuscule 99

For Angela.

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  • svines85

    Awesome, thanks a lot!!

  • theldras

    sweet, thanks dudes and dudettes. As allways you’re awesome!

  • abersham

    Sia Kul uttered a complete sentence!

    Thanks EGS!

  • guest

    No disrespect, I love you guys and prefer your releases of this series, but you’re about 20 chapters behind. Maybe you should consider either trying to get a little more caught up or dropping the series.

    • Xantia

      NOOOO! Don’t stop translating this series. I don’t mind a litte waiting as long as there is progress.

      patience is a virtue

    • abersham

      don’t listen to guest.. i don’t mind waiting for a little bit..

    • jujubeeza

      I don’t let other groups dictate what I do.

  • Amanda Stauffer

    don’t drop it but get caught up i perfer your releases but mangacow is way ahead of you they translate 2 hours after the raw is out!

  • Chill