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Aruosumente v6 Ch 30


Aruosumente v6 Ch 30


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  • Chrysanthemum Stine

    I was afraid this might have been dropped. Thanks for bringing it back!

    • Ell

      Not dropped just super delayed >__<
      (I did that to remember what this was about and it was so nice to see how amazing the author really is!)

      • Chrysanthemum Stine

        Oh, yep, I’ve always thought that Aki is a very clever author. It’s such a shame she doesn’t seem to be writing much any more. (Most of her series seem to get cancelled, too) I hope Aruosumente at least will have a satisfactory conclusion!

        • Ell

          She is too slow and she takes many projects on her.
          The Japanese are strict so they cancelling her stuff, I guess o.0
          I believe Aruosumente will have some ending, I just hope it won’t be rush ;-;

  • cats

    Thank you very much!

  • halua

    thank you!! ^^

  • ers

    thanks so much!