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*Holiday release*


*Holiday release*

EGS-Elfs have prepared You a little treat. Try not to eat read all of it at once and save some until New Year.

Thanks to all the EGS-Elfs for all the supreme treats and enjoy a shot holiday. We will see You again in 2017.

Best of Wishes,
EGS-Elf Office

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Aku no Kyouten v3 ch8

Amatsuki v17 ch106

Americano-Exodus ch33

A Thousand Years Ninetails ch85

Ayashiya v2 ch6

Brave 10 S v7 ch33 Extra

Don’t Cry Boreumi v4 ch20 [Joint with Koto-no-yume]

Embalming – Another Tale of Frankenstein v6 ch30

Gunjou Senki v2 ch15

Gunka no Baltzar v8 ch42

Hells Kitchen v11 ch41

Hitogatana v6 ch30

Jin v8 ch45

Kamisama Dolls v9 ch53

Renai Kaidan Sayoko-san v6 ch37

Yamikin Ushijima-kun v6 ch50

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    Thanks! Good work everyone!

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    I have become an Elf! XD
    Merry ChristmasHanukkah (whichever you celebrate XD) ~!

    An best wishes for you all <3

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    Thanks for all the goodies! Happy holidays, EG Scans team!

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    Thanks for your translations! Merry holidays!

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    On Hell’s Kitchen Chapter 41, the first page has a typo. I’m pretty sure the first word is “If” not “F.”

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    Merry Christmas and thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)

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    Merry Christmas ❤ thank you for Brave 10 S

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    thanks for the releases EGS!
    happy holidays eveybody, merry christmas to you all~

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    Thanks for updating Americano-Exodus!!! And Merry Christmas!!!!

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    Where’s piano no mori??

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    I was hoping to see Piano no Mori but thanks nonetheless!

  • Americano Exodus?! OMG! thank you so much and happy new year

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    Sorry for not posting sooner but thank you for Gunka, Gunjou, and Jin. Happy
    Holidays and happy New Year!